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Enhancing SAP Business One


We have a range of off-the-shelf solutions that extend and enhance Business One.

Our offerings include add-ons for project management, mobile service, customer self service, credit checking and more.

Our add-on software is available exclusively through SAP partners.

Key Services

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SAP Business One is a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for small and mid-size businesses. Used by over 50,000 companies, it streamlines key processes across the business, from accounting and CRM to supply chain management and purchasing.

Integrated Applications provides complimentary software and services, and is a registered SAP Software Solutions Partner (SSP).

Are you a Business One user? Our products are available through SAP's network of Business One partners. Ask your support partner to contact us.

Are you a SAP Partner? See our reseller support page for more detail about our offerings.

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We have a range of products that extend and enhance Business One. Our key offerings include add-ons for comprehensive project management, CreditSafe company information, PDA-based warehouse management, mobile service, ecommerce website integration, email marketing, customer self-service web portals and automatic exchange rate updates.

Some products are standalone and can be installed on your SAP Server, others will require integration time from your SAP Support Partner.

Integrated Applications is a registered SAP Solutions Partner.

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Integrated Applications has over ten years experience of working with SAP Business One. We're available to SAP partners at attractive day rates, to complement your own team. We can help you with analysis, specification, development and go-live support. Whether your requirement is large or small, we can help. Contact us today to get started.


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Our e-commerce solution takes the manual labour out of managing your website, allowing you to concentrate on product choice and service. Our deep integration allows products, prices, stock, customers, addresses and orders to be seamlessly shared between Business One and your website.

In addition to providing middle-ware for third party e-commerce website, we can also produce the website itself. Our offering is built on the open-source nopCommerce system, a robust and feature rich platform from which to grow online sales.